Posted by: laughingcloud | November 18, 2009

Hygiene products and the HCG diet

When on a diet, one would not normally think much about their hygiene products, but on the HCG diet, the use of various hygiene products are a no no.  I mean, who is really going to look into what toothpaste, hand lotion or shampoo?  Well, if you are on the HCG diet, you will be looking at all these products because most of them are a total NO NO or you will not see results.


Cosmetics, these are a big no, no.  Outside of a little lipstick (if it contains no Lanolin), eye pencil and a mineral powder (that contains no lanolin).  Anything else is a big no no.  I know, you might be thinking “I am not going to go without my makeup”.  And you certainly can if you feel you really have to.  But if you decide to wear your make up…..your fat will be saying “I am not going to leave where I am stored”.  And what is the point of going to go on a diet if you are allowing it to stay right where it is?  So do yourself a favor, while on HCG, just go natural and feel beautiful.  After all, look at how beautiful you are going to be when you shed the fat off.  Certainly no makeup for a month while on your HCG phase is worth it isn’t it? 

Facial Toner

Just like face cream, night cream, day moisturizer, under eye serum and everything else, facial toners are out.  However, you can use witch hazel.  Just put some on a cotton ball and tone away.


So many doctors have been saying that the aluminum in all the underarm preparations are not good for us, some are even stating there is a higher rate of breast cancer in women using these applications.  Well, I have read some of the research and frankly I have not come to any conclusion yet.  Its like seeing a cloud in the sky and calling an emergency for an approaching hurricane.  True, there are clouds present in a hurricane, one cloud does not necessarily announce its coming.  So until I see some real links, I am going to sit on the fence post and watch all the research.  I do however like home made products without all those chemicals.

Remember, HCG diet requires you to remove excess fats from your diet and daily routine, so here is a recipe for a Home Made deodorant


Well, here again, most of us like to slather our skin with moisturizer, so our bath soap is loaded with moisturizer.  Again, this is a big no no on the HCG diet.  Here again, while on HCG you are limiting the fats you intake so that the HCG can limit all your abnormal fat stores.  If you go putting any fat on your skin, even just from a moisturizer bar or get soap your body is going to have a blast with it.  Your fat storage manager is going to say “Holy cow, look at all that pretty fat I can store today, I was getting bored with nothing to do”.  And it will, trust me, it will store any fat your body comes into contact with.  It might not be pounds and pounds, but it will be enough fat that you simply will not lose any weight that day from it.    I had a hard time finding any soap or gel that did not contain any fats. 

One fat allowed on this diet is mineral oil only as really, really, really needed.

Here is an easy recipe for home made bath gel that you can use on the HCG diet.

Shampoo and Conditioner

Well conditioner will not be used due to the fats, but I simply use the left over Organic Baby Shampoo that I purchased to make the bath gel.  No conditioner?  I was worried so much, I mean a whole phase of no conditioner will leave my hair a mess right?  Well, again, this is a temporary and small price to be paid to get rid of all the excess weight I carry around.  I spoke with my hair dresser and she said that if I simplify my hair style while on the diet, not blow it dry or straighten or curl it every day, I should be okay.  In fact, she said that by not using so many products on my hair every single day would help.  It might not be the beautiful head of hair I was used to, but I had to remember each day why I was on the HCG diet.

Vinegar can be used as a conditioner, just use 1/8 cup plain white or apple cider vinegar and rinse.  My hair dresser said this would be good and will not impact my HCG diet.

Hand lotion

Nope, not allowed.  However, if you just feel you have to have something, get Aloe Vera from any health food store.  Not lotion with aloe in it, not a gel with aloe vera in it, get pure aloe vera, it comes in a clear jug normally that looks much like a jug of Vinegar.


It has a strange flavor, but actually is very good for you, Baking Soda.  Place a small amount on your hand, tap your dampened toothbrush in it and brush away on your teeth. 


If you are a mouthwash freak, get a little cup, like the kind that comes with liquid cold medicine.  Use Apple Cider Vinegar and swish away.  You can dilute 2 tablespoons in water and add a little salt if you really want to as well.  Gargle, swish and spit it out.

These things might make you decide, HCG diet just isn’t worth it.  Well my personal feeling is this, the fat I pack around, my image in the mirror makes me sad and any other diet I have tried simply hasn’t worked.  Not even working out 7 hours per week (1 hour per day) has worked.  So if I have to give up my facial moisturizer, hand lotion, moisturizer bar, facial toner and everything else.  I am going to.



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